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Hello customers! During these difficult times of COVID-19 we understand that you may prefer to have your order delivered to you. We are a business that prides itself on being focused for members of the Macedon Ranges, and will aim to get your order to you as soon as possible. To place your order, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will give you a cost and bank account details.


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Hi, I’m Cassius. As well as having 1000s of plants/cuttings, I care for 32 animals, which is why I’m also known as Dr Dolittle! I’m the new owner of Woodend Nursery, the Macedon Ranges’ longest standing nursery and garden supply centre (33 years and counting!) and I look forward to meeting you. As an ex CEO of companies traversing the fields of health, skin, food and plants, I’m passionate about the holistic value of gardening for every member of the family. A resident of beautiful Woodend for 12 wonderful years, I live and breathe gardens and gardening, having a particular interest in organic health and indigenous plants. I know which species thrive in the unique Macedon Ranges climate and would love to share my knowledge with you.

If you don’t already know me, I come with a sense of fun and vibrancy, and will go out of my way to source your perfect plant. Pop in and see how I can help!

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Why Choose Us

about us

Woodend Nursery is the Macedon Ranges’ longest established Nursery, with over 33 years of servicing the local community. We remain the one-stop destination for your entire garden and giftware needs. We pride ourselves on offering plants that are suitable for the local community (and our extreme, diverse weather conditions!). As one recent customer posted “Cassius offers friendly and helpful advice and goes the extra mile to source what I need”. With that in mind, we stock a vast array of natives, seedlings, trees, groundcover, shrubs, perennials, annuals, flowers, pots and gifts; and, of course, gift vouchers. Whether you’re looking for a specific plant, professional friendly advice or merely some inspiration for your garden, our friendly team is here to inspire and assist.

Woodend Nursery is the longest standing local nursery in the Macedon Ranges.






What We Offer


A Personalized Offer for Your Garden

With half an acre of plants, there’s ample space to meander through the garden and find the perfect plant or tree. And if we don’t have what you’re looking for…. we’ll do our utmost to source it for you!

Delivery services are also available, as well as landscaping, design and friendly advice.
We also support local artists and growers and sell their artwork and seedlings to support the local community!

Situated on Urquhart St (opposite Coles) and just off High Street in Woodend, ample parking and amazing choices!












Garden Supplies





What More We Can Do

other services
Our team will help your venue or house look it’s best.

Plant Hire

Selling your house? Having a wedding or a party and want to dress your house? Plants are available and softscaping design are available.
We also take time to educate and show you how to maintain your garden.

Landscape Design

We adhere to co-creative approach and have delighted many customers across the Macedon Ranges.
Woodend nursery is currently working with clients to help redesign and replant their garden. We do a gardening skills assessment to work out your ability to maintain the perfect garden.

Over the last 18 months Woodend Nursery has continued to grow the Garden Design and Landscaping business. Whether you live in a new home or a home that needs a new approach we work with you to design and create those perfect outdoor spaces.  We conduct a free garden consultation to explore the potential of your garden.

We enjoyed working with Cassius and his team, who brought an engaging enthusiasm to the project. The result surpassed our expectations, all achieved in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.
Rob and Andrew

We'll assist you how to use your water supply wisely and effectively.

Watering Systems

It’s harder than ever to maintain a health veggie patch, lawn or garden due to global climate change, the harsh Australian environment, and scarcity of time and resources. Talk to us today about how we can help you improve and develop your watering systems to minimise water use and maximise garden joy!
We offer rich soil that will truly enhance your garden.

Soil & Fertiliser

Many customer are asking for metres of decent soil with fertiliser for their gardens! Talk to us today to get a quote for cubic metres to be delivered to your garden. If you want help moving the soil of planting, we can do that too.

What We Provide


Nursery & Garden Supplies

We have an extensive range of plants and trees in our nursery, including shrubs, groundcovers, seedlings, herbs, Australian natives, Bush Tucker, Fruit and Citrus, as well as a comprehensive range of garden supplies, including a selection of potting mixes, mulches, straw, garden tools, seeds, fertilizers and insecticides. Woodend Nursery is a member of the Plastics Free Group and supports the return of recyclable pots for reuse (space permitting). This great sustainable initiative means that customers are able to return their used pots and other customers are able to take them for free. We ask that all pots are clean before being dropped off. As one customer recently said “I can’t believe I got 20 big pots for free! I saw them at a different nursery for $5.95 each so not only did I save $119 I am doing my bit to help the planet!”

Gifts and Art

Woodend Nursery is a proud sponsor of the Woodend Art Group and the Woodend Winter Arts Festival. As such, we support local artists by displaying and selling their art and crafts for free. Whether you’re looking for glass poppies for your garden, Huon pine hand-turned plates, or pottery or paintings, we can help you. Woodend Nursery is proud to say that 100% of all proceeds go back to the local artists.

In addition to these arts and crafts, we also provide a range of pots and other gifts, so come and visit and see what we have!

Woodend Nursery Gift Card

What do you give when you have one of those friends who has everything they need or the friend that you simply want to please? Easy! A gift voucher; these are redeemable on plant or service. They are so successful we have recently started to receive orders from customers in the UK and Norway!

Our Best-selling Products

NOW YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE your bare-rooted fruit trees, roses, grow packs, tools, plants, seedlings and other garden essentials. Woodend Nursery is pleased to announce this new online initiative.

You need to order online and pay through the safe and secure online payment system. All deliveries are subject to a minimum of $50 order. All orders in excess of 5 trees will incur an individually calculated delivery fee.  Outside of Macedon Ranges delivery is subject to mileage calculation.  We reserve the right to charge additional delivery fees of the goods exceed quantities greater than 10 items. All items will be delivered without human contact to an agreed drop off site.

Happy garden supplies hunting… Cassius and the Team at Woodend Nursery

At Woodend Nursery we have always prided ourselves on servicing the local community. With this in mind, under the current daily legislative changes we are moving to offer a LOCAL online delivery service.
What does this mean? It means if you are from The Macedon Ranges we have built online capability to enable you to order a range of agricultural or nursery stock , including vegetable seedlings, fruit trees, poly tunnel greenhouses, seeds, roses and much more!
Please create your online account and order as you desire. Delivery will be calculated based on address and order requirements.  All payments are online and secure.

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  • Garden Tools

    Garden Tools (2)

  • Gifts

    Gifts (2)

  • Grow Packs

    Grow Packs (8)

  • Mushroom Kits

    Mushroom Kits (3)

  • Ornamentals

    Ornamentals (18)

  • Trees

    Trees (7)


They are available, and prices vary, so please contact us directly to confirm availability, or for any needs.

The Wedgewood Rose

Wollerton Old Hall

Olivia Rose Austin (new 2019)

Clair Austin

Clair Austin

Munstead Wood

Brother Cadfael

The Poets Wife (new 2019)

Lady of Shallot

Fruit Trees

They are available, and prices vary, so please contact us directly to confirm availability, or for any needs.

Flavour Supreme Inense Plum

Anzac Peach

Moorpark Apricot

Red Delicious

Williams Pear

Goldmine Nectarine

All in One Almond

Granny Smith

Beurre Bosc Pear

Stella Cherry

Dwarf Pink Lady

Golden Delicious

Do you have other requests?

For further details or additional trees not available here please click on the “other request button” and we will endeavour to return your request as soon as possible

Latest News, Events and Offers

Woodend Nursery has a Facebook Page and an Instagram Page and we have a variety of offers and even prizes occasionally for members of the group. We also support the local Woodend Star Magazine and the Midland Express and will continue to update you with seasonal gardening tips and advice… stay tuned!

Stories of our Happy Clients


A great nursery with knowledgeable staff and excellent service! Definitely worth going to.

Chris Koul
Chris Koul

The plants are wonderful and so are the staff. Great to see the welcoming smiles on Jenny and Cassius' faces when they greet you. ?

Marlene Maillard
Marlene Maillard

Such a great experience shopping at Woodend Nursery. Cassius was so friendly and helpful.
We enjoy supporting local business, especially when they are this good, so we’ll be back.

Malcolm Park
Malcolm Park

Special Message from Olivia Newton-John

We don’t just sell plants and gifts, we make the world a beautiful place as well.

Who We Are

our great team
Woodend Nursery comprises of 10 team members who act as a one stop shop for all your garden; horticultural and landscaping needs.

We have available a crew of 10 members Including myself as key Project and Landscape Manager in addition to myself we have a team of 10 qualified staff including chief landscape architect; qualified landscapers; horticulturalists; certified electrician, master plumber; gardeners and garden maintenance crew and educational team to show YOU how to manage YOUR own garden. A huge part of the Woodend Nursery philosophy is to empath knowledge to enable YOU to own your own sustainable garden!

Cassius Armitage
Cassius Armitage
owner / team leader
Jenny White
Jenny White
nursery manager
chief landscape architect
Erik Buxmann
Erik Buxmann
agricultural engineer
Amy Matchett
Amy Matchett
customer relations
Whether you need simple garden maintenance or major landscape design and irrigation services we are quipped with a one stop shop for your convenience and economy of scale. We generally need 1 month notice to be able to deliver a successful project but are nimble and capable enough of delivering small scale jobs in a timely fashion.
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Friendly Advice, Special Requests or Online Orders

contact us
Woodend Nursery has undergone a few recent projects and has assisted some pubs and restaurants with decoration and style. We also have conducted a number of small to medium sized landscaping projects where we create customized garden designs and provide planting services also. To get a quote simply click the online form or pop in to visit Cassius with some photos or ideas to commence your gardening journey

Call us on 0400 939 656 and we will endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours

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